The PCard is the preferred method of payment for allowable goods and services per the Procure2Pay Guidance document and the Card Allowable/UnAllowable List, both referenced on this site. The PCard is ideal for one-off small dollar purchases, University travel related expenses, and international transactions. The Single Transaction Limit is $4,999.99. The Card is a Visa card issued through Bank of America and is governed by the State of NC Card contract 946A (Procurement Card) and UNC Greensboro policies.

PCard may be used wherever Visa is accepted, within the prescribed limits set forth in the Card policies and Procurement guidelines. A PCard may be issued to a Department or to an Individual.

Individual PCard

  • Issued to and used only by a specific individual who is an active UNC Greensboro employee.

Departmental PCard

  • Issued in the name of the UNC Greensboro department (Works Group). The department card is a shared card between employees within the department.
  • The Bank of America – Works Group – reconciler is the individual responsible for the departmental card.
  • The card may be “checked out” by a departmental employee at one time.

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Procedures / How-To’s

The following Procure2Pay guidance document has been created to assist departments in determining the proper acquisition and payment process for the most common goods and services. Questions, please contact Procurement Services ([email protected]) or Accounts Payable ([email protected]).

As a state of NC institution many factors were considered and weighed as we formulated this Guidance Policy for the campus. Factors considered include:

  • compliance with State of NC policies and laws
  • compliance with Federal policies and laws
  • compliance with UNCG and UNC System policies
  • ensuring adherence to University standards
  • Risk reduction and mitigation
  • ability to track and manage Contracted Spend
  • ability to capture Sustainability metrics
  • ability to highlight environmentally friendly, sustainable and energy efficient products and services
  • ability to capture NC Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) metrics
  • ability to promote diverse and disadvantaged suppliers
  • efficiencies gained in Procure2Pay processes

The most recent User Guide is located at the bottom of the Works Application page.

Mobile wallets allow a cardholder to add their account into a mobile device to make secure payments. They can be used at the point-of-sale, using contactless capabilities, as well as online, using in-app or online checkout functionality.

Bank of America has developed the Global Card Access website and mobile app to provide card holders with a single point of access to self-service tools such as PIN check and Alerts registration. It is important as a UNC Greensboro PCard holder, that you monitor the activity on your PCard. Global Card Access is a mobile friendly website that will help you manage your UNC Greensboro PCard.

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Allowable / Unallowable List

Material / Supplies / Commodity

  • Services from Incorporated Suppliers (INC)
  • Services from Limited Liability Corporations (LLC)
  • Advertising*
  • Off-campus Catering, Fast Food (refer to food section for more details)
  • Groceries**
  • Computers (SpartanMart only)
  • iPads (5Ws and product Serial Number required)
  • Utilities (cell phones, pagers, cable, etc.)
  • Professional Licenses (In-line with job duties)
  • Rental orders (one-time/non-recurring onlynot monthly, annual rent/lease agreements)
  • Memberships
  • Recruiting Services
  • Subscriptions and Magazines (delivered to UNCG address)
  • Shipping and Handling
  • State/Federal Surplus and Purchases from State Agencies
  • Postage (for specific mailing only)
  • UNCG Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)
  • UNCG Dining and Catering
  • Office Supplies
  • Managed Printing Services (MPS)

*Proof of advertisement must be kept on file within the department.

**Refer to: UNCG Basic Spending Guidelines.


  • Transportation
  • Commercial Airline, Railroad (coach rate)
  • Rental Cars, Bus (to destination), Taxi (including tip)
  • Airport Limousine, Shuttle Service (including tip)
  • Bus or other Public Transportation (between airport/station and hotel)
  • Internet Services, telephone calls (approved business related)
  • Rental Car Insurance in a foreign country
  • Hotel Room
  • Registrations
  • Parking
  • Gasoline (rental cars only)
  • Travel Agent Fees (although it is recommended to make own travel arrangements)

*Any travel for a Non-Resident Alien must be processed via reimbursement. Form NRA-001 must be completed prior to the University issuing payment. The PCard is not allowed to pay for Non-Resident Alien travel.

All exceptions must have prior approval by the Director of Procurement Services or Assistant Director of Procurement Services.

Material / Supplies / Commodity

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Rent/Leases (recurring monthly, annually, etc.)
  • Tuition Payments
  • Consulting Fees/Services
  • Services from Independent Contractors
  • Legal Fees/Services
  • Medical Fees/Services
  • Personal/Unapproved/Unofficial Purchases
  • Commitments for greater than one fiscal year
  • Commitments that span fiscal years
  • Transactions that Exceed or Circumvent Spending Limits
  • Gasoline (other than rental car)
  • Furniture (with the exception of one office replacement chair)
  • Controlled Substances
  • Sit-Down meals*
  • Charitable contributions
  • Insurance
  • Cash or Cash Advances
  • Moving Expenses
  • Construction or Renovation Services

*Refer to: UNCG Basic Spending Guidelines.


  • Restaurants (casual or fine dining)/Food/beverages
  • Limousine (other than airport)
  • Any transportation method not directly related to business
  • Hotel Services/entertainment, including, but not limited to:
    • Movies
    • Sauna
    • Room Service
    • Gym/Weight Room
    • Refrigerator/Microwave requests
    • Foldaway Bed requests
    • Laundry (hotel or outside)
    • In-room Vending
    • Meals/beverages
    • Tips (other than stated as allowable)
    • In-room Vending (stocked fridge/bar, bottled water, etc.)
  • Insurance of any kind except car rental insurance in a foreign country. (The University has an insurance policy for rentals inside the U.S.)
  • Tours or Other Social Activities
  • Expenses of a Personal Nature
  • Any travel arrangements for Non-Resident Aliens*

*Any travel for a Non-Resident Alien must be processed via reimbursement. Form NRA-001 must be completed prior to the University issuing payment. The PCard is not allowed to pay for Non-Resident Alien travel.

All exceptions must have prior approval by the Director of Procurement Services or Assistant Director of Procurement Services.

The PCard may NOT be used for any other UNCG entity. Please use the appropriate BanFin form.

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PCard Compliance

Delegation of authority to purchase goods using the PCard is a privilege that automatically ceases upon separation from the university or reassignment to another department. The PCard Administrator reserves the right to revoke or cancel PCards where cardholders fail to comply with policy and/or procedure. When deemed necessary by the PCard Administrator, additional information may be requested on any PCard transaction for audit purposes. Audits are performed randomly throughout the month to determine whether or not purchases are made in accordance to State/Federal and University Policies as well as Spending Guidelines. When there is a finding that policy or procedure is not compliant, the PCard Administrator will file for disciplinary action via a PCard Compliance Review Form.

Non-Compliance Issues include but are not limited to:

  • Failing to reconcile by the deadline
  • Failing to approve by the deadline
  • Accidental personal purchase
  • Split transaction to circumvent spending limit
  • Inappropriate or unallowable purchase
  • Failure to comply with NC State Contract Terms
  • Using Debarred vendors
  • Gift Card issues
  • Missing or inadequate receipt
  • Missing 5 Ws, (Who, What, When, Where, Why) information
  • Sales tax issues
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Other issues deemed as minor by the Procurement Services Department

Disciplinary Actions for non-compliance will be communicated via PCard Compliance Review Form:

  • First Offense – Written warning and/or two week suspension
  • Second Offense – Written warning and two week or up to one month suspension
  • Third Offense – Written warning and revocation of card for one month to permanent

(Any of these offenses may include a request for the PCard holder to repeat PCard training.)

Note – The Procurement Services Department reserves the right to determine the consequence depending on the severity of the infraction. Willful misuse may result in immediate suspension of the PCard and/or termination of the card. Infractions going beyond the third offense will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may result in the permanent cancellation of the cardholder’s PCard.

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